This One Hurts.

by timdavissays

I’ve played cards with the devil

holding onto the queen of hearts

yeah, counting on this one

you’re my secret and I’m gonna win

Got gold in my fingertips

Never could fold this hand

tomorrow I’ll be folding both my hands

praying god take this cup from me

There are so many days I could quit

as I keep failing I keep screaming

please pull the trigger, dig my grave deeper

I’m not content with 6 feet under.

These words may never seem

to reach you but to me they mean

everything, but while you’re still growing up

I’m growing stone cold.

And as I lose my mind

with my heart on your doorstep

I’m living heartless, empty and often

breaking down singing…

I really miss you.

I’ve taken hits

but this one hurts.

yeah, this one hurts.

Honey I don’t always get it right

And honestly I don’t know why

I can’t roll my eyes at it and yet here I sit,

writing this shit again.  I can’t forget.

Honey, the truth is I’ve fallen

somewhat in love with you

and somehow hating myself for it

but I don’t want to ever lose this.

And I understand that he is

much better than me

but baby hear me when I say

I could not care any less because

You are the sun on my shoulders

you are the tears in my eyes

the pain in my chest, the butterflies

the reason I keep smiling, crying and singing…

I really miss you.

I’ve taken hits

but this one hurts.

and I don’t want to lose you.

I really miss you

I’ve taken hits, gotten up

and still made an effort

but honey, this one hurts.

I woke up this morning hoping

you’re happily smiling somewhere now.

I close my eyes and sail the seas

till I find you on the shore, smiling back at me.

You are my courage to live

For the little things.

This message in my heart

singing alone knowing

I really miss you.

And it really hurts.